• The six different types of web hosting.

    The six different types of web hosting.

    There are many different options to choose from when it comes to web hosting. It all comes down to choosing a plan that fits you or your client’s needs. Each option caters to a different application or stack specifications. Realizing your website needs will help you ensure that you choose the right host and plan…

  • Share a Google Drive Folder

    Share a Google Drive Folder

    Once you have this link you can send it to anyone who you wish to share the content of the folder with and they will be able to view and download the contents.

  • Using SCP with keys

    Using SCP with keys

    This is a quick post to show how to move files between servers using scp with ssh keys.

  • Connecting to MySQL Server

    Connecting to MySQL Server

    To connect to Mysql use the following command: mysql -h localhost -u myname -p mydbname

Check DNS entry propagation here.