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  1. A contractor wants to raise the car speed from 100fpm to 125fpm, it currently has a 12” sheave. What sheave is required?

100fpm / 125fpm = 12” / X

= 15”

  1. A MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) burns out. You replace it, but cannot read voltage or resistance. What should you do?

Replace it with alarger MOV 630

  1. On a Ward-Leonard circuit the break is set, but the motor is trying to slip through the break. What is the issue?

SuicideCircuit 425

  1. You have an old DC motor and are adding an SCR drive, what do you do to the interpoles?

Leave the interpoles alone. When adding a SCR drive to the generator, the series loop is removed, as are the 3 resistors. Everything else remains the same.

  1. A hydro runs up with no load, but will not run with a full load. What is the issue?

The relief valve is settoo low 815

  1. Runby for a 1:1 hits the CWT buffer 4” below the top landing. CWT runby should be set at 18”. How much should the ropes be shortened?

22” 235

  1. You need to work on a freight door retiring cam, you LOTO the main line but there is still power on the cam. What circuit is still hot?

Door Operator Disconnect/ MainLineDisconnect 535

  1. The contractor requests that the vertical center of a Rack and Pinion hoist be moved. How do you do this?

Adjust Tie Downs andWallTies 850

  1. Working pressure on a Hydro is 400psi. What is the maximum relief valve setting?

400psi x 150%= 600psi 815

  1. What must be installed on a false car before operation?

Spring Loaded Safeties 110

  1. There is slight arcing between the brush and commutator. What action must be taken?


Note: Heavy arcing=Lightbrushpressure, Heavy bush pressure=mechanical wear 430

  1. If rigging gear is roped 3:1 and a BEAM CLAMP is used to lift a 6,000lb load. What is the beam capacity?


Note:Beam capacity is cut in half with use of clamp, when rigging all blocks, rope, and clamps will be Equal to the lowest load rating210

13. How much resistance is measured over a normally closed switch?

1.2ohms. should be zero, but will never be that low

14. A car traveling in the hoistway always stops at the same spot and blows a fuse. What causes this?

Traveling cable has a cut/exposed wire ora short 515

15. How is a class 1 yearly buffer test preformed?

Car at bottom landing and on inspection, jump out direction and final limits.

With pit clear, run down to compress buffers, buffers should fully extend within 90 seconds.

Note: 5yr: Full loadFullspeed CWT: Fullspeed Empty 555

16. How many strain supports are required on a 350ft raceway?

4. 1every 100ft 505-510

17. How is stainless steel drilled out?

Slow speed and constant pressure 205

18. What is the required amount of retainer clips for wedge shackles and what is the spacing?

At least 2. First clip being 4 times the diameter of the rope from the top of the shackle, and the second clip is 8 times the diameter of the rope away from the shackle. 245

19. A 300ohm resistor burns out, but you don’t have another one. How can you make one?

2-600ohm resistors in parallel is 300ohms. Resistance is half of highest resistor in parallelcircuit. 3-225ohm resistors in parallelis 75ohms.345

20. When cutting laminated panels, which direction should the finish side face?

Finish side facing the cutting edge of the tool. Blade will burrthebackside255

21. How do you cut a finished floor?

Cutting blade away fromfinishedside255

22. A 480vac stepdown 240vac transformer is connected to a 3 phase rectifier, what is the output voltage?

320vac 3 phase full wave = 1.33xoutputvoltage. 715

23. A car is loaded with 125% and sinks, why?

Slipping through the break

24. If you find a broken or missing barricade what should you do?

Write up a formal inspection request

25. What are the consequences of misaligned joints on a Rack and Pinion?

Broken Gear teeth. CWT derailment. Excessive wear/ crease the surface ofthetube 850

26. A dumbwaiter is 9sqft in area, 4ft high, and capacity is 13.9lb/ft3. What is total capacity?

9 x 4 x 13.9= 500lbs Max capacity

27. You must enter a pit with a toxic atmosphere, how do you proceed?

Following proper OSHA procedure with proper trainingand PPE133

28. When changing a 1:1 car rated at 600fpm and 2,000lb capacity to a 2:1, what are the new ratings?

300fpm4,000lbs capacity Half the speed, Double thecapacity

29. A vertical platform lift has a clearance of 1 inch. How much will it have to move to meet code?

Move in ¼ inch. Code is ¾ inch

30. A car weighs 2500lbs with a capacity of 2500lbs, the CWT is weighted at 40%, how much is the motor lifting when the car is fully loaded?

2500(car) + 1000(40%) 3500. 5000-3500=1500lbs lifted bythemachine240

31. How must Oxygen and Acetylene tanks be stored?

Vertically, 12 feet apart, or on a cart with a ½ hour fire barrierbetween them 205

32. What is code for sill to sill distance?

Minimum ½ inch Maximum 1½inches525

33.When drilling a jack hole in sandy conditions what type of drill rig is required?

Rotary orAuger bit.

Note: Rotary=Soft Percussion=Rocky Combo=Solid810

34. A customer does not want an escape hatch on a residential elevator, under what condition is this legal?

Manual operation mustbeprovided840

35. Your helper wired the down direction and final limit switches, now the car will only travel up, what is the issue?

The down direction limit was wired incorrectly.

36. What are the effects of one rope sitting deeper in the sheave groove?

The rope wears out andbreaks faster 245

37. There is a noise coming from a freight door. The sheave is moving, but the chain is not. What is the problem?

Oil on thedrivechain535

38. What is the effect when you change a sling angle from 60 degrees to 30 degrees?

More tension, less capacity. Any angle 30 or lessisdangerous100s

39. How many points of a contact must be maintained on a ladder? How far above landing must it extend? What is proper Ratio? What steps don’t weuse?

3 points of contact. 3 foot above. 4:1. Top2steps132

40. What is the conversion formula when measuring inches to millimeters?

1” = 25.4mm

41. You open a dumbwaiter access panel and it still runs, what is the problem?

Pit access switch is not working properly. 550

42. You perform a static load test with the pit valve closed. The car sinks 6” in 15 minutes. What is the problem?

Cylinderleak 805 520

43. Where should you aim a fire extinguisher to put out a fire?

At the base ofthefire 100s

44. Car with selective collective system is moving to the lobby to take a call, an up call is put in at the 2nd floor, what happens?

The call is bypassed until the car istravelingup. 740

45. During construction you land an escalator, but it is 10mm low, what is wrong?

The pit is too deep or column MARKisoff. 825

46. During construction the Omega CWT rails have been damaged, what happened?

The Omegas wereovertightened. 215

47. How do you handle a co-worker who shows up drunk?

Speak with MIC, Call BA,callsupervisor. 100s

48. How do you attach brackets to brick?

inserts set back a ¼ inch into the block. Code could call forthrough bolts 220

49. What is Selective Collective System?

Controller allows elevator to bypass calls in the opposite directionof travel 740

50. Generator runs at 600rpm and has 4 poles, what is the output frequency?

(RPM / 60sec) x (number ofpoles / 2)

=(600rpm / 60sec) x (4 / 2)


51. If a XOR gate was connected to a NOR gate and attached to an AND gate with a High output. What is input of the XOR gate A&B?

Both mustbeHigh 645

52. Using BINARY logic, what DIP switches must be on for a 128 bit 30 second timer set at 150%

Note: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 = on or off

Note: 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 = number of seconds

Note: 32 + 8 + 4 +1 = 45 seconds

1,3,4,6=45 seconds

53. How many wires are needed for the following circuit? Exclude spares.


11 wires. You do not need the duplicates

54. How must a 9 lead 480/240 motor be wired for High Voltage?

L1 (1,7) L2 (2,8) L3 (3,9) (4,5,6)

55. There is voltage at the switch, but none at A, what is wrong?

Open at R2 or R1 635


56. What does a square with a darkened upper triangle represent?


Note: Square with darkened lowertriangle = LatchingRelay

Note: square with arrow through it = Timer relay 730

57. The close door limit switch is not working, you have power at points 35-8, no voltage at 1-S2 why?

Door limitswitch malfunction Sheet 1

58. Car is running normally, but the Fire Service buzzer will not shut off, Why?

EHP3-2 shortedSheet 2

59. Relay STR has voltage, TRU has voltage, RU no voltage, why?

TRU9/8 openSheet 3

60. 2nd floor PI lights then quickly shuts off, why?

X1 4-6Sheet 2

61. Car will not travel to 2 without a 3 call, and will not go down to 3 without a 2 call?

2F1 4-6Sheet 1

62. Using Sheet 3, why wont the motor start?

MOL1 T/BSheet 3

63. The step level switch on an escalator has been tripped, where do you check?

The Upper and Lower Truss assemblies, trips if step sags more than1/8 inch825

64. You get a trouble call for an inoperable freight door. What must you do before you begin work?

Block open the door.LOTO.Barricades 540

65. You get shocked when attempting to move a car with a temp run bug, what is the problem?

Ground wire nothooked up 810

66. A motor needs a sleeve bearing replaced, what type of bearing do you need?

Friction bearing AKASleevebearing. 420

67. With a 7-foot platform and an inside cab wall clearance of 6’8”, what is the thickness or take up of the cab walls?

2-inch-thick walls

68. You notice Roughing on the Govenor and Tail Sheave. What should you check?

RopeDiameter 250

69. Car doors are dragging in the sill, how high should the car doors be above the sill?

¼inch 525

70. What type of safeties are required on a 300fpm car?

Type Bwedgeclamp 240

71. What stopping devices are required on vertical platforms?

2 pan switches. 15lbs max pressure

72. What type of oil is required for sleeve bearings?

Single viscosity SAE 20

73. What is the maximum inclination for moving walks?

12degrees 830

74. How does a GFI work?

Detects an imbalance between Hot andNeutral Wires 205

75. Who is required to provide MSDS or SDS for a solvent you are using?

Your employer 100

76. How do emergency doors swing?


77. You have an EMT run with 3-90s, 2-45s, and a saddle bend. What is required?

An Intermediate pull box. 360 degrees is most bends for acontinuouspipe 505

78. What is the maximum distance between vertical race way supports?


79. What is the smallest wire used inside travelers and outside of travelers?

#20awg #24awg 505

80. What is the maximum distance between strain relief supports?

100feet 510

81. What is the maximum length Motor-Generator leads can be outside of a controller?

6feet 505

82. In what section of NEC is elevator, escalator, moving walks, and dumbwaiters?

Article620 505

83. What is the ratio between the loop and diameter of a round traveler?

30 times 515

84. What are the most common features of Load Weigh?

Control generator field and Insideexpressoperation 515

85. What is required by ASME on the car top?

Inspection station, Light, andDuplex outlet. 515

86. At what distance from closed does the gate switch operate?

2inches 515

87. What is the minimum number of spares that should be pulled?

10% 515

88. At what speed should the Gov. switch contact be set to open?

Electrical 90% of Tripping speed for 150fpm-500fpm. 95% for +500fpm

89. If the DC output of a 3 phase rectifier is lower than specified, what is the problem?

AC fuseis blown. 1 input phaseis missing. 715

90. What is the overlap minimum on 2 & 3 speed doors?

Horizontal½inch Vertical1inch 530

91. What are minimum and maximum clearance between sill and car doors?

¼inch Minimum 3/8-inchMaximum 530

92. What is maximum leading edges for center opening doors?

½inch 530

93. What is minimum sill to gib engagement?

¼inch 530

94. What is minimum and maximum sill to sill gap?

½ inch to 1½ inch 525

95. 1 gallon equals how many cubicfeet?

231 815

96. How many gallons are needed to run a 6” plunger 30’?

Area = 3.14 x R2 = 3.14 x 6” = 18.84

Height = (12” x 30’) = 360”

Volume = Area x Height = 18.84 x 360” = 6,782.4

Gallons = 6782.4 / 231 = 29.36 gallons 815

97. A force of 5,000lbs is applied to a plunger with an area of 25 sq in. What is system pressure?

Pressure = Force / Area

Area= Force / pressure

5000lbs / 25 sq in = 200psi 815

98. Whatbestdescribestheoperationofa typical hydro block valvewiththeelevator parked atthelobby?

Downvalve:Closed Checkvalve:Closed Up valve: Open 815

99. What is the definition of working pressure?

Fully loaded to capacity, Full speedrunning up 815

100. What is the conversion for kg to pounds?


101. On a geared machine the worm and worm gear are made out of what materials?

Steel and Bronze

102. What is the purpose of a gear reduction unit on a geared machine?

Increased lifting capacity

103. What holds a stopped Hydraulic elevator?

Check valve

104. What must be done if you get on top of a dumbwaiter?

Never fully get on top. Work only partially on with the mainlinedisconnect off 545

105. How do you measure an escalator hand rail?

Mark the top and bottom of the inclination, measure in between and move the car until the bottom mark isat the top, measure again and continue doing this until you see your 1 mark. The last measurement will be shorter. Add all the measurements together to getyourlength. 835

106. A moving walk has an inclination of 10degrees, what is the highest angle it can be?

12degrees escalator31degrees 830

107. In a Ward-Leonard system, if all 3 contacts close what will happen?

The car will run atfull speed. 415

108. What type of oil do you put in a machine?

Gear oil, non-detergent, single viscosity

109. A 75ohm resistor has blown, no replacement, how do you fix it?

3-225ohm resistorsin parallel. 3-25ohm resistors inseries

110. If a Rack and Pinion hoist is not plumb, level and square. What can happen?

SettheSafeties 850

111. What are extension tubes used for?

Necessary clearance for placement ofconcreteforms. 850

112. If a hoist motor is making noise, what is the problem?

To help prevent distortion to the building AC supply, INDUCTORS can be used on AC input of a solid state drive. Inductors can serve double duty, they operate as Transformers, to match input voltage, or provide voltage isolation. As well as performing filtering onnotcheffect. 625

113. What is the area of a 10” plunger?

Area = Pie x RadiusSquared = 3.14 x 5 x 5 = 78.5 815

114. The escape hatch opens in what direction?

From the outside of the car up, preventing people from getting on top of the car

115. What drawing will show how many and location of fixtures?

Theelevator Abstract. Rails, lanterns, push buttons, etc. and quantity, color,material, etc. 175

116. You have to order P.I. for a 12 stop building with 3 cars. 3 floors do not have P.I. What is the total number of P.I. you need to order?

12 x 3 = 36total floors

3 floors withno P.I. = 9

36 – 9 = 27 P.I. needed

117. If an elevator travels 1760rpm @ 60hz, how many hz needed to run at 600fpm?


600fpm / 60hz = 10

Note: assume 4poles 10 x 2 = 20 425

118. You see a saw tooth wave form when using an oscilloscope out of the encoder, is that good?


A perfect encoder shows a square wave. Saw tooth, when encoder hasfault. 350 630

119. What are the hand signals for crane operation?

Thumbsout = Boomout, Thumbsin = Boomin

Thumb up = Boomup, Thumb down = Boomdown

Finger upclockwise = Hoist up, Finger down counter clockwise = Hoist down

Arm out = Stop 128

120. You are working on a MOD and have to move the controller 30 feet farther away, you notice voltage drop, what can be done to increase voltage?

Use a larger gauge of wire

121. What is the weight of 15 full 16’ rails and 2 – 8’ normal rails?

16 x 16’ x 15lbs= 3840lbs 220

122. What is an acceptable substitute for the top rail of a barricade?

¼ inch thick wire rope.

123. What is the proper way to test incoming voltage?

3 phase AC using digital meter: L1-L2, L1-L3, L2-L3

Hydro at pump starter. Traction at L1,L2,L3 715

124. When replacing a PCB in a controller what precautions must be taken?

Use a grounding wrist strap, and never remove anything with thepower on. 645

125. Who gives you a right to a safe work space?

OSHA 125

126. On an ANNUAL static load test, the car drifts down 15” in 10 minutes. There is no visible oil in the pit, where is the leak coming from?

Underground. Annual static test required for unexposed cylinders. 800

127. What training must be done before you can enter a pit that has been classified as a confined space?

Confined spaceentranttraining. 133

128. Traction and Hydraulic machines have many hazards, what is most dangerous?

Rotating Equipment

129. You are installing a machine and sheave, where would machine and secondary sheaves be aligned?

In the center of theRail measurements. 230

130 You are testing an elevator with a rated speed of 500fpm. What is the minimum speed the safeties should set at?

Mechanical:115%x500=575 fpm

Electrical:90% x 575=517.5 fpm

131. What is one of the most dangerous Hazards in the trade and most obvious for us?


132. You are installing machines, governors, and generators, and need to know the location where it needs installed. Where would you find the information?

The machine roomplan view 175

133. What is the minimum breaking strength of a wire rope used as Life Safety?

5,000 pounds

134. What is known as the silent killer?


135. You go to a trouble call and the building owner keeps asking when the car will be back up and if you can take any short cuts to get it up faster. What is your


Give a reasonable response on time and safety factors. If that doesn’t work, he can FUCK OFF.

136. You are preparing to replace a resistor on an out of service car. What is the 1st thing do?

Make sure it is LOTO and verify no voltage.

137. What are 3 major factors in Hydraulic pit maintenance?

Oil, Tripping hazards, Electricity.

138. What is the tolerance for 3/8 at .003?

.372-.378 bilateral=2direction unilateral=1 direction

139. You are installing push buttons using snake eye screws. What type of screwdriver?

Tamper Proof 205

140. You are working with EYE BOLTS, where would you check for liftingcapacity?

NEVER use eye bolts for hoisting.

141. You are installing the limit cam on the car and notice that the holes are not lining up. Where do you find the correct location for the cam?

The mechanicaldetaildrawing. 175

142. You are on a call and find the pulley came off the pump motor and the set screw is missing, what kind of screw would you use to replace the set screw?

Cup Screw

143. You have to measure the outside of a pipe. What tool would you use?

CaliperRule 205

144. You are installing spring buffers on a 200fpm car, what is the minimum buffer stroke?

200fpm = 4inch

Note: 100fpm = 1 ½ inch

Note:100fpm-150fpm = 2 ½ inch

145. You are going to replace the disc on your grinder, what test should you do before using?

Ringtest 130

146. How often do electrical cords need to be checked for continuity?

Every3 months 129

147. The DBG is 6’6” using 15lb rails with ¼ shim on the brackets, what is DBB?

(2) 15lb rails is 3 ½ deep = 7” total.

(2) ¼” shims = is ½”.

6’6” + 7 ½” =7 foot 1 ½inch

148. How does OSHA classify a competent person?

One who is capable of identifying existing and potential hazards, and who has authorization to take prompt, Correctivemeasurements. 125

149. Car weighs 7,000lbs with a capacity of 3,500lbs. what does the CWT weigh?

3,500lbs x 40%=1,400lbs

7,000lbs + 1,400lbs =


150. You are stacking rails in a single hydro hoist way, with a rise of 48’ how many rails will you need?

48’ / 16’= 3 rail per side

3 x 2 sides = 6rails

151. Installing a 3,000lb capacity car, how much load will the break stop and hold?

125% ofratedcapacity = 3,000lbs x 125% =

3,750lbs 230

152. On traction elevators where are the bottom guide shoes mounted?

To thesafetyplank 240

153. You have a hoist rated at 3,000lbs, if you use a double block to single block reeving, what would your total lifting capacity be?

6,000lbs 210

154. You need to find the DBG for the car, where would you find this information?

Final layout or Hoistway planviewdrawing 175

155. You are hoisting rails into the hoist way using a capstan hoist, your apprentice is having a hard time pulling in rails. What can be done to make iteasier?

Add another or more wraps to thecapstan hoist. 210

156. Responding to a call on a hydro, you determine that the 50amp circuit breaker that feeds the controller has tripped. What component of the elevator has the ability to cause this problem?

The pump motor

157. The motor field windings on a DC motor are wound around a laminated core. The composition of the core material is dependent upon which characteristics?

Permeability: ability of a substance to pack magnetic lines of flux in a space 415

158. You suspect a phasing issue with building power. Which controller device should you check 1st?

Reverse phase relay: detects incoming power loss of phase orphasereversal 820

159. How do you measure AC voltage on a Digital Multimeter?

Functionto VAC Red lead to Voltohm Black lead to common 405

160. Sometimes necessary to increase output of a DC generator to over speed an

elevator as part of the safety test. If maximum output is reached and speed cannot be increased, it is said to be what?

Saturated: cannot produce any more magnetic linesof flux 415

161. What hydro piece uses electrical power using the principle of electromagnetism?

Hydro Valve Solenoid: electro-mechanical device operated by a coil and having an iron core steel plunger asan armature. 815

162. Which of the following maintenance procedures addresses the issue of proper DC generator commutation?

Continued contact between brushesandcommutator 430

163. Customer is complaining that an older SCR drive powered elevator, is causing noise in the building power lines. What can help reduce the noise?

Isolation Transformer used to minimize electrical noise reflected to supply lines 410

164. In a series circuit with a 10K ohm resistor and a 2mA current, what is Voltage?

E = R x I =

E = 10,000ohm x .002A =

E = 20v

165. How would you connect an ohm-meter to check load resistance?

Blackto common Red toVohm Switch at Ohm. No power, take one lead off, connectin parallel, analog needs to be zeroed

166. How would you connect an ohm-meter to check load resistance? 

Black to common, Red to V, ohm Switch at Ohm. No power, take one lead off, connect in parallel, Analog needs to be Zeroed1st 335

167. Exciter voltage comes from what source? 

Generator 425

168. Your pulling (15) #14awg, (27) #16awg, (57) #18awg wires. How many spares needed? 

(2) #14, (3) #16, (6) #18 = 10% spares required 515

169. You have (26) 16’ 22lb rails and (2) 8’ 22lb rails, what is the total weight of the rails? 

27 rails x 16’ x 22lbs = 9504lbs

170. You need to replace an unmarked SINGLE PHASE transformer with primary voltage at 220vac current at 5amp. What size would you need to double it? 

Note: kVa sizing must be calculated from primary or secondary volt + amp info.

Single phase kVa = (V x I) / 1,000

kVa = (220vac x 5amp) = 1100kVa

1100kVa / 1000 = 1.1 kVa

2.2 kVa needed to double

171. You have attempted to start up a 3 phase AC motor and stalls then hums or growls? 

If the rotor bar becomes loose at the ring connection, or if the rotor bar cracks, current cannot flow through The bar and the entire rotor field is disrupted, causing loud growl or humming sound 435

172. Your fluke digital Multimeter reads 440vac, what value are you reading? 

440vac RMS 615

173. You have determined that the period of an oscillation that you can feel in the car is .5 seconds. What is the frequency of the oscillation? 

2hz Frequency from time or Period F=1/T F=1/.5=2hz 350

174. Customer complains that elevator is having door problem at every floor.

Where do you start trouble shooting?

The car doors 525

175. Freight doors are binding because they are hanging out of square, what adjustments can you make? 

Adjust door track chains. 535

176. You are about to start installing your duct run in the hoist way. What is the best method to give you the straightest line? 

Using a plumb bob, snap the line, and measure off of the rail. 510

177. When installing multiple Traveling cables, where is the 1st cable located? 

1st is closest to the rail. 515

178. 2 controllers in a small machine room face each other, what is the minimum clearance between them? 

36 inches 235

179. When installing travelers, what is the minimum length of vertical suspension at both ends before the loop starts? 

4 feet 515

180. You attempt to adjust a new VV-VF door operator, but it operates in the wrong direction. How do you change the direction? 

Change the phase sequence 530

181. You receive a call that a center opening car is running with one door partially open, how is this possible? 

The gate switch is activated by door drive, but the relating device has failed. 530

182. In order to properly bond an isolation platform, where should you connect your bonding straps? 

From the platform to the car sling. 515

183. As a mechanic you are sent to install an escalator, what point of reference would you use to square the unit? 

Column LINE 825

184. Escalator demarcation lights are required by code for what reason? 

Provides passengers a visual indication when entering and exiting the unit 185

185. While adjusting a passenger elevator door operator with a PERMANENT MAGNENT DC motor. Which operation would you perform to control the motor? 

Speed and Torque control is accomplished by varying armature current and voltage


186. What does ASME code specify regarding clearance between skirt panel and the side of the step tread? 

Skirt board switches required at upper and lower ends. Gap no more than 3/16” 825

187. After receiving an inspection report, one violation is door closing force. After checking you read 50lb of door force, is this code? How do you make it code compliant? 

Not code. Code is <30lb. To fix you need to adjust the torque/speed of door operator. 530

188. You momentarily actuate the motor starting relay, the direction of rotation is not correct, what can be done to change rotation direction? 

Reverse any 2 leads of incoming motor phases.

189. Before you can move a piston on a hydro, what precautions must be taken? 

Check the piston for debris and tightness of the head, make sure pit is clear. 805

190. You are preparing to hoist the car for cable installation, before doing this, what needs to be installed? 

The governor cable 520

191. While on service you observe the mechanical style safety edges on center opening doors bumping into each other, reopening the doors. Where do you need to look to repair this problem? 

The safety edge retraction mechanism 530

192. You are about to trouble shoot an elevator that is off, what print would help to make it easier to trace the circuits? 

Straight Line Diagram

193. The fuses on a 3 phase input to DC direct drive are open, and the elevator will not run, what needs to be done to check for a shorted SCR? 

Remove the SCR, connect +lead to Anode, -lead to cathode, jumper between ANODE & GATE .7v if good. Remove jumper and it should stay on, remove a lead should read infinite 635

194. Trouble shooting a 3 input AND gate, all inputs are high, but the gate output is low. What is the problem? 

Faulty gate. Truth table says output should be high. 645

195. Your going to a trouble call you find that the machine room has 2 inches of water in it, what is the first thing you do? 

Leave the Machine room 115

196. You find a blown fuse in the DC circuit feeding the door motor. When picking a replacement fuse what should you do? 

Compare the blown fuse to the fuse rating in the straight line diagram 530

197. A DC door motor supplied from a 3 phase rectifier runs slow. The DC voltage is normally 320 is 220. What should you do? 

Check the fuse feeding the AC rectifier 530

198. There is a call that a traction elevator is stuck in the overhead. In order to get the car down, what circuits do you need to jump out? 

The primary safety circuits 720

199. You just pulled multi-cables down the hoistway of a high rise. How should you provide strain relief for the cables? 

Required every 100’. Begin at the lowest and work upwards to adjust tension 510

200. Installing Horizontal sliding doors with guides in each door panel, how far must each guide engage the sill gauge? 

1⁄4 inch 525

201. Your supervisor informs you to change software on a hydro microprocessor board. The software is a 24 pin DIP package. To properly orientate the new chip on the board, what must you do? 

Verify that the notch on the dip chip matches the notch on the board 625

202. You need to speed up an AC motor that has a fixed number of poles. How can you speed it up using the RPM formula? 

Change the frequency. RPM= 60 x F / P/2

203. You have finished digging a hole hydro, the jack is not on site. What must the hole have on it before you leave? 

A welded cover 805

204. A CWT frame weighs 10,000lbs and needs to be increased by 5%. What is the new weight of the frame? 

10,000lbs x .05 = 500lbs +10,000 = 10,500lbs

205. You have 32’ of rise in scaffolding and are using a 3’x5’ base. Where are tie offs? 

1st at 12’ and cannot be more than 26’ apart vertically 30’ apart horizontally

206. How is a step level switch on an escalator reset? 


207. What is the Law of Power? 

P = E x I

208. What is the maximum voltage drop that can occur across a 500watt resistor carrying 2amps of current? 

E = P / I

E = 500watt / 2amps = 250volts

209. While testing for a locked rotor condition, what could happen if the testing was carried on for too long? 

Damage to the stator or rotor

210. What is needed to coordinate the movement and to dispatch hall calls? 

A group controller

211. Where is weight added on a freight door for balancing? 

On the top.

212. What door is heavier on bi-parting freight doors? 

The lower door because of the tucking sill

213. What happens to the break when contact E opens? 

Inserts more break resistance in the circuit, reducing the value of the break current. More resistance to hold the coil up and release current draw.

214. In a circuit with capacitance of 5mf 120v and 200K ohm, how long to fully charge? 

5TC .005 x 200 = 1(TC) 1 x 5 = 5 to fully charge.

Note:1 time constant = 63.2% 5 time constant = 99%

Shunt Overloads: 

Parallel connection. Designed to conduct current around mechanical joint 

Resistive element used in parallel with DC armature movement to bypass calibrated portion of current 


Rise: 25’ 50’ 

Speed 30fpm 40fpm 

Capacity 1400lbs 940lbs 500lbs or 13.9lbft3 

Area 18sqft 19sqft 9sqft 

Valve Operations: 

Check valve: oil flow in 1 direction 

Up valve: controls up start and accel to high speed, up slow down, up level, up stop 

Down valve: Elevator not running so it depends on system pressure 

Bypass and Relief: bypass oil if striking obstruction. If relief pressure is too low it will not pick SCR: 

DC door motor control and commonly in direct drives. 

3 terminal device acts as on/off switch by pulsing the gate with positive voltage Once on SCR remains on until Anode & Cathode voltage equalizes, or Anode & Cathode are reverse biased, or until voltage is removed from Anode & Cathode


Inverting: Op amp(input) supplied to. NEGATIVE 

Non inverting: Input. POSITIVE Inductance in a DC Break: 

R1 controls rate the magnetic field builds, R1 controls time it takes the break to energize after the BR contact closes. R2 is the discharge path for the break coil. R2 controls the time it takes the break to set when BR opens. R2 controls voltage spikes from the collapsing magnetic lines of the break coil when discharging, thus reducing spikes from reaching other parts of the circuit.

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